Bestfriend Birthday Present Ideas

Hey guys! It’s Sky, and this is my very first post, so let’s see how this goes! Today I’m going to talk about Bestfriend Birthday Present Ideas That Come From The Heart.

Sure, you can get her a present from the mall, like jewelry, clothes,or toys, or you could make her a DIY present that comes from the heart. All right, here’s my top three things you could make her that are awesome.

  • A Custom Picture Frame. Years ago (almost 8) my family and I went to Florida and we brought a bucket of seashells home with us, and I don’t know if your family does that too, but you can get a plain white (or whatever color you think your BFF would love) from Walmart or Target for less than 10 dollars and glue seashells, beads or wrap string around the frame and then put a picture of you two in it and give it to her.

  • Make Matching Bracelets, Necklace, Etc. You could totally do this for your entire friend group if you were celebrating something as well. Clearly, matching bracelets show just how much you are her bestfriend, and your could get a kit from the store, or just buy beads and string and let your imagination fly.

  • Last but not least, open when cards. I have only heard of these recently, but you write a card that would cheer her up when she’s sad and then put the card in an envelope and write on it ‘Open When You are Sad’ or write a card to make her laugh and write ‘Open When You are In A Silly Mood’ and so on, and write one for every feeling.

Well, there you have it, my top three DIY Bestfriend Gifts. Let me know which one you like!