The Best Ways to Spend Summer Vacation

Summer’s here and here are a few things you should try out before summer ends!!

  • Trying out a new look


    What better time to try out a new style than summer, when school dress code is no longer an issue and sun-kissed hair is as easy to get as walking outside. Try out a new style of shorts, wear makeup, or switch out your glasses for contact lenses.

  • Do Some Baking


     It’s sunny, it’s hot and sometimes your little sister’s lemonade stand just isn’t going to cut it. So try baking something yourself! Do some research on line or dust off your grandmother’s old cookbook. Start off small with chocolate chip cookies and macaroons and work your way up to a decadent chocolate cake.

  • Spend an Afternoon doing Crafts


    DIY crafts are becoming more and more popular. Duct tape crafts are some of the most famous. You can make anything out of duct tape, whether it’s earrings, watch bands, wallets, laptop cases, roses and even skirts!

  • Grow your Own Garden


     Nothing says summer time like a garden filled with flowers, fruits and even vegetables. So why not start your own? Fill a garden with rainbow colored flowers to attract bees and butterflies; or grow your own fruits and veggies and end the summer with home grown treats.

What is your favorite summer vacation activity? Let us know in the comments below.