Go BTS with our fave girl band L2M

So at this point, we all know how extremely talented Mariangeli, McKenzie, Jenna, Lexi & Tati (aka L2M) are… but just incase you were still on the fence… this behind the scenes music video really shows how incredible these 5 girls are. 

While filming their new YouTube Red Original series, Hyperlinked, not only did the girls have to learn the lines and deliver strong acting performances for 10 episodes (… oh and it was their first time acting too), BUT they also had to record 11 new song clips specifically for Hyperlinked AND the music videos. Oh, and did we mention they did all of this in 8 weeks? Talk about hard working 🙌🙌🙌!! 

Check out the latest video to drop on the Disney YouTube channel, which takes you behind the scenes with L2M as they record the music and film the videos for Hyperlinked

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