Bad Fake Friends (BFFs)?


School can be a pain. I am saying that right away because I don’t want you to think that this is one of the posts that tells you “school is fine”, when it is clearly not the happiest place in the world.
Even if school is tough,there still can be ways to enjoy it. Friendships will of course, help, but toxic friends is ,well… toxic to your life!
I’ve had one of those.
She doesn’t listen, she uses me as a substitute friend, she is…truly toxic.
I can tell she is a bad friend, and if you have one of those thoughts in mind, consider to do the following:

  • Think (or try to think) about the friend’s action with no thoughts of “she is trying to help me, maybe I did something wrong….”

  • If you still feel suspicious about your friend, the best thing is to list the things that make you feel unsatisfied about your friend, then talk to her (or him) about it. If they are your real friends, they would listen. But don’t be too harsh on them. If they didn’t listen, well….. end the friendship!

That is my advice to you, you can choose to listen or not, it is up to you.
P.S if you want me as a friend (a real one), you can search my name: yijuncat.