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Need Advice For High School!

Need Advice For High School Hi, I'm going to start high school in August or whenever school starts and I need advice because I recently moved. I changed districts and I was going to go to a high school with my friends but that's obviously not happening anymore, so I need some advice because I don't know anybody at my new high school. 

Awkwardness Between Me & My Crush

Awkwardness Between Me & My Crush Hi girls. I need help. My crush is in every class I have and I occasionally glance at him and he catches me looking at him. Then today I did it again and I think he was just confused. I may be overreacting here but I've never felt so awkward before in my life. I need ADVICE!! Please tell me what to do?   Need advice related to boys? Post your issues on the Boys group!   

DIY: No Sew Mini Denim Bag

DIY No Sew Mini Denim Bag This video shows you how to make your own bag. And the best thing- It does not require needles or threads. It is super-easy! All you require is a hot glue gun, old pair of jeans, and scissors and there you go, with your own no sew mini denim bag! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ap15YBisB8