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No bake chocolate chip triangles

Learn How to Make these Delicious Chocolate Chip Triangles Ingredients 1. 3/4 cup butter cubed 2. 8 ounces oh semi sweet chocolate chopped 3. 20 vanilla wafers crushed 4. 1/2 cup chopped almonds 1. In microwave melt butter and chocolate,stir in till smooth, stir in wafers and pecans momtastic 2. Transfer to foil tin yousaytomatocooking 3. Refrigerate for 2 hours ohnuts 4. Enjoy dispatch Have you ever made no-bake chocolate triangles? Let us know in the comments below.

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Divine Oatmeal Cookies

Hi girls, I am sure you have noticed that I have been sending in recipes for different types of cookies. Try this oatmeal chocolate chip cookie, it has an easy recipe.   Source: Martha Stewart

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Need Advice: Phone Trouble!

Need Advice: Phone Trouble! I'm 14 and I feel like my parents treat me like a little kid. Yesterday, I was on the phone with a boy and he had a deep voice cause he's in 9th grade and I'm in 8th. I was under the cover with my headphones on and my dad came home with an attitude saying aren't you going to ask me what's wrong? Then he looked at me with my phone and I hurried up and rushed to get off the phone and he asked me what I was doing under the cover. He then told me to give my phone to him. I walked away so he wouldn't take my phone and scare my friend and start yelling cause last year he grabbed the phone and started screaming in the phone who is this and my friend got scared and thought when I was texting him I wasn't my dad... and then I walked away from him to hang up and he was like you are tryna be sneaky and delete stuff but I wasn't all I was tryna do was hang up and and then he took my phone and asked to throw my messenger and I had a app lock on it cause I don't want him to throw all my messages my family keeps saying that if I don't give them my Facebook password then I'm hiding something. The reason I didn't give it to him cause he over reacts about everything.

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Rude Boy In School

Help! There's a really rude boy at my school who won't leave me alone  So there's this boy named Jakai that always says something disrespectful to me, or puts me down, he has threw footballs and basketballs at my head for no reason I usually ignore it and just cry to myself, cause my grandma says u only go to school to learn and ignore people who talk about u... I've been ignoring people and not saying nothing cause I don't wanna get kicked off the basketball team also, so I was in class and I was singing quietly to myself and Jakai said I can't sing and told me to shut up, and I'm sick of it so I threw. Special at him and his girlfriend started talking to her friends saying when I did it she was gonna get up and pop me and smack me, so I was like ur gonna do what? Pop who? I said to check ur boyfriend and check yourself and know who ur talking to. ur boyfriend always is messing with me and I'm sick of it so in the hallway she started talking all that stuff and I went in the classroom and dropped my stuff and when I went back out there she disappeared , but now if she says something I'm gonna ask if she wants to fight cause I'm tired of getting pushed around what do y'all think I should do a? I might get into a fight today but idk? Plus I have a lot going on at home so this

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