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A Cheap, Yet Funky, Party Lantern

DIY Lantern From Recycled Materials Hey Miss O followers! It is Starblaze here and I wanted to teach you guys how to make something, fun, cheap, creative and made from recycled materials! It's also useful for outdoor parties during the night! What you're gonna need: -An old broom stick (unless you are using it to fly...) -A tuna/soup can (thoroughly washed out, of course!) -A glass lampshade -A candle -A screw -A screw driver -A sharp knife -Paint (optional) Method: -Take the broomstick and sharpen the edge with the knife so you can stick it in the ground. -Now screw the tuna/soup can into the broomstick with the screw and screw driver. -take the candle and place it comfortably in the tuna/soup can. -Light the candle and place the lampshade over it. I recommend you knock it into the ground before lighting it and you can also paint the can and/or broomstick. And there you have it! A cheap lampshade that doesn't pollute the air as much as parrafin or gas would in a regular lantern. Be creative! xxx Starz. P.S. It's my birthday soon! ;)

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Let’s Be Positive

Let's Be Positive Hello beautiful, inspiring and lovely girls! It has been such a long time since I have written for the site and everything is so brand new and confusing because I'm a literal old person but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it. I just want to take the time to give every lovely lady who doesn't feel so wonderful a little brighten up and spread a little glitter. So, 2016 wasn't a good year for me, I was an emotional wreck, I lost some friends, I fought some fights and I failed some tests - let's just say it was full of challenges. 2016 also taught me that sometimes I can be a downright terrible person sometimes and that hanging out with a group of girl friends who I thought meant the world to me, ended up being more detrimental and damaging instead of encouraging and uplifting, which I forced myself to believe, and ended up making me feel terrible, act terrible and not have the best year. However! I found a little bit of wonderful, by making a couple new friends - the nicest, best and most wonderful young women on this planet - and they are both kind and lovely to me as they are to the outside world, unlike my superficial 'clique friends'. I realized that I spent fifteen years of my life judging people on their looks and then falsely saying "Everyone is beautiful to me!" like a little Ms World pageant contestant, when I was actually just looking at everyone saying some pretty horrible things

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Have An Under The Sea Party For Your Little Sister

Hey Everybody! So my sister's birthday is next week,she's turning 7 and she badly wanted a party because doh... who doesn't want a party for their birthday? My mom didn't know what theme to make it and neither did my sister but coincedentaly at that time I was watching The Little Mermaid so: Brainstorm! An under the sea party! And my sister went hysterical... Haha! So here is what my mom and I prepared for the party:(all our preperations are done now) * we printed pictures of sea shells and bought tissue paper. We cut the paper into strips and glued the shell pictures at the bottom of each strip then hung them from the ceiling. * we printed Ariel and the prince dress up dolls, cut them out and put them into party packs with a small packet of candy corn and a rainbow lolly pop each. * we bought lots of blue balloons and tied them to all sorts of things in the house. * we made the most adorable starfish cookies and cupcakes. We also got them cute little Ariel crowns. * We set up a backyard treasure hunt. I designed maps of our garden, got them printed and put an X on each of the maps in a different location and we are going to hide little boxes with chocolate coins inside in hiding spots. This is going to be tons of fun! And maybe you got some ideas? Comment on this post ;)

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