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Hats On!!

Ladies, let's go back in the 1900's and sport this classy trend. Hats are so INNN, especially for this fall and for the winter (that is almost here)!

By |November 15th, 2017|Fashion & Style|

Quick Summer Hairstyle: Get Elsa’s Braid

If you have always wanted Elsa's effortless and messy braid, now is the time to achieve that. And guess what, Summer is the best time to try because this time of the year, you do want to wear your hair but the heat stops you, right?   Below is an easy-peasy heatless tutorial. Try it!  

By |July 7th, 2017|How To's|

9 Occasions. 9 Outfits

Worst case scenario: Trying to look on top of your game in the sweltering heat. We all have a love and hate relationship with summers. One of the biggest dilemmas of this season is finding clothes which are cute, airy, breathable, trendy and Instagram-friendly, of course.  Also, in summers you are planning out all the parties and get-togethers and sleepovers and whatnots. In short, we need cupboards full of clothes. And not being a Kardashian or a Jenner, we have to make do with whatever we can afford. Everything is from Clothes below are tried and tested by yours truly. So, if anything goes wrong at your end, you know who to blame. Backyard Fun  COLD SHOULDER BLOUSE $27.50 It's super adorable and light and fun enough to wear at your backyard party. It only comes in pink, white and black, the material is Crinkle Georgette, no it is not going to make you pass out with heat. It's super airy.  Sunday Brunch BOUNCE PLEATED TOP $23.95 This one is one of my favorites. Also available in white and black, this is possible the cutest top your mom would let you wear. Look at the frilly sleeves *heart eyes*. The pleated part looks really stylish but to be honest, it is more than that. It makes the top a bit roomy and airy. All Work And No Play PEARLY DOUBLE DOWN TOP $20.75 This is the top when you have to appear *all official* but not boring. The navy blue and pearl detailing on the collar feels really fresh. Paired with the