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Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List Now that the Holidays are here and there's a lot fun in the air. It's time for a winter bucketlist. You can even create your own and write down things you wanna do over winter break. Lets get started -Have a snowball fight -make a snowman -wear fuzzy sweaters -drink hot chocolate -have a cozy day -ice skate on a lake -take a Christmas light tour -Decorate room -Listen to holiday music -Make a gingerbread house -Go sledding -Bake cookies -Spend time with friends -Snuggle with warm blankets -Give a secret gift -Enjoy winter Okay so these are just some things I wanna do over winter break, you can add these to your list too. Have a fantastic winter!!! <3

Happy Holidays!

Hey guys! How did you Christmas go?? Leave it in the comments how you spent it. What are you guys planning on doing for NY? Party? Hanging with friends? Dinner? Comment! Also I would love to hear any NY resolutions you guys have! <3 Join the Holidays Group on the Girl2Girl Wall and tell us there!

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New Year! New You!

New Year! New You! Hello Everyone. Happy New Year! I'm typing this to let you all know how to make a new you. Now i'm not saying that you have to change yourself completely, just make improvements to any goals that you have. For ex. one of my goals is to be more confident. You can do small things to make yourself more confident and make a new you! Don't be afraid to try new things or ask questions about things that interest you.  Also it's the new year so don't be shy, just go for it. It's a great way to start new things. Try working had on things you want to get better at. Weather it's a class or a club your in. Make sure you start this year off great. Also sometimes we get really off track during the middle of the year. It happens. Just try again and make sure to not look back on your mistakes or dwell on the past. Keep going. 2015 has been a good year but it also had its ups and downs. I want a good 2016 for me and also you guys so i'm sharing this advice. I really hope this helps make a new you. Another thing you can work on is your social life. Maybe try and get to know more people. This way you can have more friends and people to talk to to! In my opinion I love meeting new people and it's great to make new friends, so be open and socialize. Also do not care what other

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