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Dad’s Important Too

Show Your Love To Your Dad! Feel bad that you never get to spend time with Dad? Here's some ideas to show your Dad you still love him, no matter what age! ´ Ask him to help with a math problem or to maybe help you figure out some words in your book. Your dad will feel like you still need him. ´ When he goes grocery shopping or to the market, ask to go with him. You two can pick out food together and maybe chat about what's happening at school. ´ Maybe watch a movie together. He can show you his favorites, and you can show him yours. ´ Try playing a board game or cards. He might be able to teach you new skills and tricks. ´ You can possibly make hime a drawing of you two and frame it, or make him a card to hang in his office or work space. ´ Instead of texting, try calling your dad when you're in need or just want to talk (if he has the time.) This will make him feel like you want to get more personal. I hope this helps you get more close to your dad, it's always good to show him thanks and that you care

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