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How Do Astronauts Live In Space?

How Do Astronauts Live: Life in Space Explained! Surely some questions about space must have popped several times in your brain that how do astronauts live in space and do the common tasks like eating, sleeping or using toilets. Since there is no gravity, it must be a difficult task. Hence, we have come up with the answers to your questions! What do they eat? Astronauts can not have normal food. They have to eat dehydrated meals made in the United States, Japan, or Russia. How do they bath? It is important to note that astronauts do many of the same things we do here on Earth. They still use the same soap and shampoo, but sponge baths are more common than showers because it takes a lot of time and effort to take a shower. Why do they exercise? Exercising is very important in space. Astronauts must work out a minimum of two hours a day to prevent bone and muscle loss. How do they sleep? You might be wondering how astronauts sleep in space. Each astronaut hops into a sleeping bag attached to the wall and sleeps there. How do they use washrooms? Without going into too much detail, let's just say there are bags that collect the waste. And of course, there is a seat belt to keep you from floating off the seat!

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What’s Your Chocolate Personality?

Chocolate Personalities Are you a chocolate lover? Here are personalities linked with the chocolate that you like the most. Comment below with the one that you like and let me know if it is accurate about yourself. 1. White Chocolate You are peaceful and look for truth around! You are unconventional, attractive and dreamy. 2. Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate fan is a creative thinker, problem solver and a great friend! You have down to earth, tolerant and understanding nature. 3. Milk Chocolate You are homesick and kid at heart. People adore you as you are innocent 4. Fruit & Nut You try to be healthy but you are not! You are not a fan of sugary stuff & caramel. 5. Coconut Chocolate You are carefree, unique and one of a kind. 6. Caramel Chocolate You love luxury and like to pamper yourself. You are clever, selfish and see thing from your point of view. 7. Mint Chocolate Mint chocolate lovers are adventurous, goal driven and love to live life to the fullest. They aren’t afraid and do what they believe in! 8. All kinds of chocolate You are a social person, all rounder and flexible in nature. You have knowledge in many subjects.

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Meet the Goats of Morocco who Climb Trees!

Meet the goats of Morocco up in the trees! Where these goats are found? In south-west Morocco, you will find dozens of goats hanging out on trees, 30 feet above the ground, munching on some tasty fruit. The Moroccan goats are skilled climbers and are known for climbing up the mountains in search of food. What they eat? They like to eat the fruit of Argan tree, which ripens each year in June. They just go up to feast upon them. The Argan tree grows to 8-10 meters high and lives up to 150–200 years. The trees have rough trunks and thorny branches. Nonetheless, goats have adapted themselves and are climbing on these trees for centuries. What do they look like? The goats of this region have two toes which they spread out, balancing the soles of their feet, helping them to grip the bark. Goats also have two vestigial toes higher up their legs called dewclaws. These are truly amazing!

Magic Volcano?

The Volcano That Spews Electric Blue Lava This is some interesting fact to share for general knowledge. Located in Indonesia the Kawah Ijen, a volcano erupts what appears to be electric-blue lava. The Ijen Volcano of Java Island brightens the night with its electric blue flames and lava, which are surrounded by a one-kilometer-wide turquoise lake that identified as the largest highly acidic crater lake in the world. Although surreal, this bright blue color .Science behind the blue lava: You must have performed this experiment in school where when potassium is placed in the flame of a Bunsen burner, it burns and produces a lilac color. Burning calcium produces a yellowish-red flame, and copper burns green-blue. Whereas, sulfur when ignited, in this case by the searing heat of the lava itself, burns an iridescent blue. If you want to see the blue fire of Indonesia’s Kawah Ijen, you’ll need to ascend the volcano at midnight. But it’s absolutely worth it. Here is a video of it:    

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Have You Seen These Rare And Unique Animals?

7 Most Beautiful and Uncommon Animals Found on Earth   1. Raccoon Dog Raccoon dog are neither a raccoon nor a dog but belongs to the Canid family. They are found in farmlands, forests, wetlands and urban areas. 2. Blue-Footed Booby It is a marine bird found in tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean. They are easily recognizable by their bright blue feet. 3. Emperor Tamarin Emperor Tamarin is named for its resemblance to German emperor Wilhelm II. It is found in east Peru, southwest Amazon Basin, north Bolivia and Brazil. 4. Mangalitsa Pig Mangalitsa Pig is a domestic pig discovered in the 19th century. It has curly hair over its body and bears a resemblance to sheeps. 5. Sloth Sloth is named after the capital sin of sloth because they seem slow at first but are quick in emergencies. They are mammals categorized in the families of Megalonychidae (two toes slothes) and Bradypodidae (three toed slothes). 6. Markhor Goat Markhor is specie of wild goat and found in central Pakistan, northern India, southern Uzbekistan, the Himalayas and southern Tajikistan. It is the national animal of Pakistan. 7. Highland Cattle Highland cattle are originated in the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland. They weigh up to 500 kgs to 800 kgs. What is your favorite animal? Tell us in comments!

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