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Book Review: The Glittering Court

The Glittering Court: Three Girls Finding Freedom & True Love The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead is now officially one of my favorite books. When I saw it pop up somewhere on Goodreads, I immediately searched it elsewhere and clicked on its Amazon link. As soon as I read “The Selection meets Reign," I literally closed the tab in giddy shock. I was so happy… Something being compared to The Selection (my all-time favorite series) had to be amazing. Maybe not as amazing, but definitely worthy of my reading time. Taking a deep breath, I re-opened the tab and read the few pages of the excerpt. I instantly fell in love (it was insta-love), and was researching everything I could about it. Later that very same day I was ticking off the days to The Glittering Court’s sweet release. A week or so later I went to the bookstore in search for it…only to ask one of the people working there to find out it was not yet in stock. I opted for a HarperTeen YA/Dystopia thing that I shall not name due to its horribleness (I don’t want ya’ll searching it). Oh, and guess what? It was the second book in the series anyway. Me and my luck. I soon returned it in exchange for…The Glittering Court! The Glittering Court is set to be a trilogy, with each book following three very different yet similar girl. The Glittering Court is a school slash business venture, used to transform impoverished girls to become well-suited for wealthy marriages in the New World, Adoria. This first book follows

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Book Review: The Heir by Kiera Cass

WARNING: THIS BOOK IS A SPOILER IN ITSELF…DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE FIRST THREE BOOK IN The Selection SERIES The Heir follows Eadlyn Schreave, the offspring of…Queen America and King Maxon Schreave, as she starts her own selection with 35 young, illegible men. That’s right, she’s going through exactly what Maxon did 18 years ago, just with guys instead of girls. Read the full synopsis here. I was stoked for The Heir. Like, there are no words (excited, thrilled, et cetera) to describe the feelings that coursed through me when I bought this book. As soon as I saw it in the store-I literally almost had a heart-attack and squealed in the YA section. Good thing it was empty. Anyway, I adored the cover of this book, thought it wasn’t as bright as the others, and the synopsis almost made me want to cry. I had my jaw set ready to devour it whole, but the further I traveled through it, I realized something: this was most likely my least favorite installment in the entire series. So if you read the synopsis here you’d know that in the future, Maxon and America are happily married and now have children, one of them being Eadlyn, who was born 7 measly minutes before her twin brother, making her next in line for the throne. If I tell you anymore I’ll just be soiling it for you. Starting from the beginning, I liked how Miss Cass (our author) introduced us to Eadlyn Schreave, our protagonist and America and Maxon’s “lovely” daughter. The

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Book Review: Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

I was literally itching to get my eager hands on Everything, Everything, which follows a girl (Madeline Whittier) that is allergic to everything in the world. Her life changes when an intriguingly handsome and interesting boy moves in next door-and they are both determined to see each other. As soon as I read the premise, The-Boy-in-the-Bubble came to mind immediately, and the fact that the main character was a girl and a twist of romance was added to this story sparked my interest even more. Let me just start with the cover. Look at the picture. Look. At. It. Or search it. It’s beautiful, right? Yes! I was hooked to the simple, almost poetic writing style of Nicola Yoon, and for a debut-she outdid herself: the added pictures (drawn by her husband) just added a greater depth of creativity to the story that helps the reader (especially me) imagine what’s going on better. Nicola Yoon created great characters, whose personalities just burst from the pages. I especially love the chapter where Madeline and Olly chat through e-mail. You learned something new about each one of them with each line, and I found myself loving the connection between them: it was adorable! Yoon was great at adding quirky little traits to their personalities. What I didn’t particularly enjoy was this forced plot-device: Madeline buys two plane tickets to Hawaii, and her and Olly just go ahead and travel. Plus, Madeline isn’t even freaked out that she’s still breathing and totally okay in the outside world after 18 years in her sanitized house environment. Though her

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BOOK REVIEW: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

BEWARE: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS TINY SPOILERS! To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han follows 16 year-old Lara Jean Covey Song, who writes love letters to all the boys she’s loved (if the title hasn’t already spoiled you on that) as a sort of way to get over them. Then she stores them in a hat box her passed mother gave her. All heck breaks loose once-dun, dun, dun-the love letters are mailed out to all the boys. I fell in love with the cover (front and back). I know people say “don’t judge a book by its cover” (whether that’s meant for people or not), but I mean, come on, it’s super pretty. I somewhat loved this book: the writing style was playful, light, fast, and actually pretty amateur, because I didn’t see any sort of complexity in it. I have a feeling Jenny Han wrote this particular way for the book to convey the young, “innocent” voice of Lara Jean. Perhaps she doesn’t write this way for her other books. At first glance this book looks fluffy and girly, and while it defiantly wouldn’t fall into the male spectrum, this book deals with more than just cuteness: love, family, sisterhood, relationships of all kind, and past friendships. Honestly, though, I find any attempt at writing a dramatic, thoughtful, and/or heated moment a waste. Sometimes the writing was just too fast-paced, and there were one-page chapters explaining how she met this person or got that thing. Okay, from the beginning, I found it so out-of-the-blue that Peter Kavinsky ended up driving

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Don’t Want a Turkey? Go Hipster this Thanksgiving!

A traditional Thanksgiving alternative! Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the only think I’m sure a lot of us can think about (food wise) is the big succulent turkey that shall dawn the center of the family table. But, are tired of the turkey? Is your family just not that into the turkey? Has your family ever really focused on the turkey? Maybe you’re experimenting. Are you? Perhaps you do want to experiment and see what you can mix other than the salad. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing, so go Thanksgiving Hipster! Check out some of the food ideas below: • Macaroni-and-cheese (creamy, cheesy, and made in a big pot or individual servings) • Chili (beany, delicious, and like a taco in a bowl) • Biryani (search it, like, right now! a Pakistani-Indian dish of rice, spices, and whatever meat or nonmeat you want) • Or, every family member could try to make something of their own to all share at the table (if you only want one special dish, write down the different foods on paper and pick it from a jar). Have a Happy Thanksgiving-you still have a few days to decide what you want! It’s good to try new things, especially with foods and recipes. Decide well, young Padawan (from theStar Wars movie)! Hehe!

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Interview with Bethany Hagen!

Hey there Miss O’s! I'm back, and this time I had the amazing privilege to interview the author Bethany Hagen, who wrote Landry Park and it's sequel Jubilee Manor! The series is described as “Downton Abbey meets The Selection” which, uh, naturally got me hooked. Like, duh. I’m currently reading this beautiful novel and you guys should go check it out too! Anyway, let us get right into the interview. Enjoy our little Q & A sesh, where Bethany tells me about Tom Felton, her odd writing habits, and diversity in literature! Q. What was your inspiration for Landry Park? Can you list two books that helped you with Landry Park (whether it be writing advice or inspiration)? A. I had so many inspirations, it's hard to pick! But if I had to, I think I'd pick Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell and The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury. Gone with the Wind certainly has some problematic moments and themes, which are troubling to the modern reader, but what I do love about the book is its love story. Rhett and Scarlett are two imperfect people who are ambitious and cunning in strikingly different ways, and their romance is profoundly shaped by the events surrounding them. My favorite kind of romance! And The Illustrated Man is one of my favorite science fiction works of all time. It's a perfect example of how science fiction can be moral, dreamy and almost fairy-tale like, and I want all my science-fiction to have the same quality. Q. What was your writing process for Landry Park

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Dork Diaries Movie This Year!

Dork Diaries is coming to the big screen! Yup, you read that right. If you’re an avid fan/reader of the Dork Diaries series by Rachel Renee Russel, I’m sure you’re freaking out the same way I did when I found out there was going to be a movie. This series is of the diaries of Nikki J. Maxwell as she vents about all of her experiences with family, friends, her crush, and mean girl Mackenzie Hollister. The book includes doodles and drawings by Nikki herself, adding to the wonderfulness of it all! Now on book 10, the rights have been given to the studios that have produced some of the most famous movies, including Divergent and the Hunger Games film series: Lions Gate Entertainment. Director of Mean Girls Mark Waters is set to direct it, though there’s no news as to who has been casted for the roles of our main characters, when the initial release will be, and when filming will start. Until then, you can go check out the Dork Diary’s website for updates, and even suggest who you think will fit the roles best. Lions Gate will visit the website and check out the suggestions. Until then, what do you guys think? Anyone here a Dork Diaries fan? More soon Miss O’s!

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Book Review: The Siren by Kiera Cass

After reading the first three books in The Selection series, I was convinced Kiera Cass was my new favorite author. If you read my review for The Selection, you’d know how excited I had been reading that book-and the others! Now her first ever book that she originally published in 2009 was recently re-published and released in January. Who wouldn’t be excited to know their favorite author had released a new book? I was so greedy to get my hands on it, though I knew it probably wouldn’t be in my local bookstore yet. I ended up stumbling upon it when I originally went to the book store for To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, just realizing that it was the day after it was released. I ended up buying it. Yes, yes, yes! Snatching it up, I was once again entranced by the beautiful cover, and eager to read another work by Kiera. I have to say it was like when someone has a second child: you want to see it and know what they’re like; you want to see how different they are from the first, or how similar. It’s a new creation. Okay, that was weirdest metaphor I ever made. The Siren follows Kahlen, a Siren “sentenced” to serve the Ocean. She and her sister Sirens work to lure humans to their doom, to be devoured by the Ocean. Yes, the Ocean eats. And talks to these girls telepathically. And the Ocean’s a woman… So Kahlen has to serve the Ocean for 100 years, staying the same age, looking the

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review!

BEWARE: THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS Being the highest grossing film in U.S. history (bringing in a whopping $770 million in three weeks, and $1.591 billion worldwide), Star Wars: The Force Awakens was probably the biggest, most eagerly-awaited movie of 2015. And bringing in everyone from a mega-fan to a person looking to try something new, The Force Awakens definitely woke the fan in me. ;) After watching this movie, I can call myself more than a Star Wars fan, because this movie was so good, I’m sure anyone would immediately fall in love with it. I mean, I fell in love with all of the characters! Finn: he was amazingly energetic throughout the movie. John Boyega’s acting was so real and fit Finn’s personality. You just immediately like him from the start because he’s the only clone trooper that’s more than a clone. He’s a person. And when he helps Poe escape The Star Destroyer, you can just see the friendship emanating from them. Rey was amazing too. She was believable: tough because she lived alone and worked hard, but hopeful, dreaming that her family would one day come to retrieve her off the lowlife, desert planet of Jakku (a.k.a, Abu Dhabi). She was strong-willed but not rock-hard, brave but not stupid enough to risk her life outwardly. She trusted others easily; she saved and took BB8 in like a lost puppy, and she was willing to help both Finn and BB8. She wasn’t too perfect and she wasn’t too lame. Finn and Rey, too me, were the perfect dynamic. They had both experienced

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