“If you are true to yourself everyone will love you for who you are.”

 Do you like unboxing videos? Vlogs about trips to places like New York and Mexico? May be you’re into all things LOL Surprise, Slime and Shopkins? Sounds like you should join the MINI crew!

 It started with 7-year-old Aubrey who posts toy reviews, vlogs and unboxings on her channel MiniToyLand. Not only is she on her way to earning almost 4000 subscribers, she was also named Wonderball’s first official “Wonder Unboxer”!

 We were lucky enough to chat with Aubrey about dream jobs, growing her channel and how she choose her next big video idea. Oh, and did we mention? This is the firs time she’s been interviewed!

 Check it out below!


1.What is your dream job?

Planetary Scientist, and I hope to travel into space one day.


2.What’s the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Wednesday from “The Addams Family”, I even won for Best Costume at school 


3.What is your most used emoji?

💖 Every text needs to be sent with love 

4. If you could win an Olympic medal in any sport, what would it be?

Gymnastics even if I can’t land a cartwheel in real life 

5. What’s your hidden talent?

Singing! I only do it when no one is around 🤣

6.What made you start a Youtube channel?

Since I was 3 I’ve wanted to start my channel and I would ask my parents to record me. I asked so much that they finally decided to open my channel. Watching other Youtubers like Cookie Swirl C & Mommysworldrocks also really inspired me to start my own channel since their videos brought me so much joy and I wanted to spread my love to others by creating fun videos too! Plus I LOVE filming!



7. We heard you got to go to the LOL SurpriseSurprise Event. How was it and can you give us some highlights?

Super fun!! Met lots of new friends, along with the CEO of MGA L.O.L Surprise, and Youtubers Princess Toysreview! 



8.What is your favorite group on the Girl 2 Girl Wall and Why?

Animals since I really enjoy hearing all about them.

9. Is there a type of video you really want to make but haven’t tried yet?

Gaming videos, hoping to start creating them soon! 

10. What video are you most proud of and why?

The video I’m proudest of is my most viewed video titled “Distroller Neonate Babies Go For A Checkup”, since it has over 176k views. I still can’t believe it has reached so much people! I’m a huge fan of Distroller and I always get lovely comments telling me how my video has made them a fan of Distroller! That just makes me so happy!


11. How do you decide what videos you’re going to make?

When I receive a product I start thinking of what fun way I can make a video so everyone can enjoy it. Or sometimes I just come up with fun ideas and go from there. 

12. How would you like to see your channel grow in 2019?

I would love to see my channel grow to 100k subscribers in 2019! It would be amazing to have so many friends that enjoy my channel. 


13. What advice do you have for other girls who are thinking of starting a Youtube channel?

My advice would be to start your channel, don’t give up, and always remember to have fun while creating videos! If you are true to yourself everyone will love you for who you are. 

14. Where can we follow you?