Ariana Grande’s New Look you don’t want to miss!

Recently, Ariana Grande dropped her signature long, brunette ponytail for a more simpler approach, a.k.a the short lob look. Many fans believe that Ariana showed off her true hair because of her recent breakup with SNL star, Pete Davidson. Ariana Grande showed off her lob to the world on Instagram, as seen here:

“I know you can’t see my eyebrows but they’re still there,” she jokingly instagrammed. Many fans reacted by saying things like “Fix those eyebrows sis” or “Jeez, that look amazing on you!” (Things like that). The true logic behind all this is because she hides her natural hair wiht those 8 foot extensions, never showing off her real hair. But she didn’t forget to mention that the Thank U, Next music video is coming out soon, which I can’t wait for. In some of the pictures for the Thank U, Next previews on Instagram and Twitter, Ariana was shown wearing her signature hihg ponytail. “The ponytail has become Ariana’s signature look and that’s not going to change for quite some time,” her stylist says.

A few weeks ago, Ariana Grande posted a song called thank u, next. The song was about being thankful for her previous ex’s, because in the song she talks about “Sean”, “Ricky”, “Pete”, and “Malcolm”. All of those people have been with her at some point but then broke up. But before the chorus starts, in the hook of the song, she sings about all the Love, Patience, and Pain she recieved from all of them. I mean, what a perfect song for Thanksgiving! thank u, next has broken the Spotify record for The Most Streamed Female Artist, with a shocking 9.6 million (yes, million) streams in a single day. Crazy! And did I forget to mention that thank u, next has been the top #1 billboard song for two weeks straight. I guess people really love their break-up tracks.

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