Apartment (Act 1, Part 1)


The guy had not stopped following her. Despite the fact that Sheila had cut through busy streets and hidden inside small shops along the way home, he managed to find her. She was scared but forced herself to recite everything someone was supposed to do if they were being followed. Never go through alleys. Stay in highly populated areas.

But my apartment’s on a quiet street, not many people around. She began sweating profusely and chewed her knuckle.

Maybe I’m just being paranoid, she said to calm herself down. Sheila took out her phone, pretending to take a selfie in order to see if he was still nearby. He had stopped by a street vendor. This is my chance! She began power-walking down the street. Her apartment building was in front of her now. She ran into the lobby and pressed the button again and again, even after the button light glowed yellow, indicating that it was on its way. She looked over her shoulder, making sure that he was still a great distance away from her. But he was now running in the direction of the apartment. OPEN UP, PLEASE, she cried to the elevator. She used the side of her fist to hit the button as if it would bring it down faster. He finally reached the entrance when the elevator opened…


(to be continued…)