Keep Playing #LikeAGirl

How many times have you heard someone say that, “girls can’t play sports” or “you play like a girl”? How many times have you seen arenas only half filled while female soccer players are playing their hearts out?

Way too often – and it has a huge impact on girls and their desire to get involved in sports. Today, 7 out of 10 girls feel they don’t belong in sports so it’s no wonder that more than half quit around the time they puberty. Not only do they stop doing something they love, their robbed of the fitness and confidence building that comes with playing sports.

Whether you’re on a swim team, playing hockey or crushing it on the tennis court sports are critical to building confidence. A recent study even found that women aged 18 to 24 are, “twice as likely to be confident if they play sports regularly as those who do not play at all!” Yet society is still telling girls to drop of sports – and it needs to change!

Always is inviting everyone to rewrite the rule that says girls can’t play sports. You can join in the battle to empower girls worldwide and encourage to keep playing #LikeAGirl.



Do you play any sports? How long have you been playing? Let us know in the comments below.