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“Be yourself or be a character, but always have fun with acting.”

Alison Fernandez loves cheer-leading, gymnastics and taekwondo, but you probably know her for her acting. The 11-year-old actress has appeared in T.V. shows such as Jane the Virgin and Law & Order as well as movies such as Logan.


 Her acting career began when the director for Karate Kid visited her sister’s karate class. Soon after her sister got a small role, an agent and a manager.

 “And then, my parents started paying a lot of attention to her…They would be rehearsing scripts with her all the time while I just watched,” Alison said. “I was four years old and I felt left out, so I would tell them, “’I can do it too!’”

At first her parents told her to wait until she was old enough to read, but eventually they enrolled her in a community Theatre in Brooklyn called NCT.


 Since then, Alison has played many roles in commercials, movies and t.v. shows; her favourite character being Delilah in Logan.

She said her favourite part about acting is being “…a different character, because you can just become a totally different person and let your imagination do stuff you wouldn’t normally do.”

Alison said that she searches for something in common with the character, even if it’s something small.

Most recently she got a role in the Amazon Studio’s American Girl series.

“American Girl resonates strongly with kids and parents alike through its message of self-confidence, adventure, exploration and learning,” said head of kids’ programming for Amazon Studios, Tara Sorensen.


Not many details have been released on the series but Alison was able to tell us that it will be “really awesome” and the character she will be playing is a lot like her.

 “Seeing a script about the adventures of smart girls who are interested in subjects that most kids can only dream about left me motivated to learn,” she said.  
When we asked Alison what advice she has for other girls aspiring to be actresses she said, “Be yourself or be a character, but always have fun with acting. Start with dress up, school plays, Community Theater, acting classes, and soon you’ll be looking for an agent and manager too.”

Have you seen any of Alison’s movies? Have you ever acted in a play, movie or t.v. show? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. caraboo11 06/08/2017 at 5:39 pm

    I saw the trailer for the series, it looks cute.

  2. caraboo11 06/08/2017 at 5:38 pm

    Good for her, way to go Alison!

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