Achieve your goals in 2019


Hey guys! It’s Akunna, your Miss O and Friends intern today I will be talking about the five essentials to achieve your goals in the new year. Make this year the year of the women again (lol).
Here my tips:-


You have to be organized, you have to be organized to stay on top of everything with all the school work, sports or after-school activities. You can even download apps to get you organized or even use an agenda to stay on top of everything since we do a lot of things. #Girlboss


I know it’s easy said than done but you can pretend to be confident and will love it, I have done it in some situations and it has helped me so much.

Try something new

In your goals and resolutions, you should have something to get you out of your comfort zone, mine is to be vegan to two days, I am personally pescatarian and that was due to trying something new for two weeks but try to sing at your school’s talent show this year or run a 5k marathon etc.


You have to be consistent to achieve your goals, it’s okay to not be consistent every day, you just have to get up and start all over again it’s apart of life, a tip is to make a tracker to keep you motivated, having to check the box on your tracker every day will keep you motivated.


You will need support from your friends and family, someone who will not judge you when you fail or doubt yourself, sometimes you just need that little push to achieve goals.

I hope you like my five essentials for achieving your goals this year! See you guys next time!