bomb disposal, sign, story

So, me and my family were at the lobby of Kalahari Resorts. We were just hanging out, we were about to get some ice-cream, when we saw the lights turn off. We thought it was just a little flicker, or just a power failure. Well, After that, The bomb threat alarm went off, The employees all looked at each other, We started to get worried, Every guest that was in the lobby started to freak out. The employee’s took the registers and the emergency folder they had on the wall. Everyone started to gather up their family, and the kids of course.

We started to head to the emergency exit. Stopping us, the announcement’s started to go off, It said “Everyone, Please stay calm! Please do not take the elevator, take the stairs, Also if anything goes wrong please ring the fire alarms if any emergency.”

We started rushing through family’s and lines. We finally reached the emergency door across from the stairs.

“Go first!” My mom started to say. My dad and aunt and uncle opened the door for us. After we opened the emergency door, the door started beeping, that didn’t stop us from exiting, we headed out, and we saw employee’s leading people to the front.

We obviously followed them. We waited for a few minutes, then we heard another announcement, ”Everyone, sorry for the shock, The bomb threat alarm was set off when the employee’s were fixing the lights, thats why the lights also went of in the beginning”.

Everyone looked tired and fed up. My Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle laughed, “At least you have a story to tell your friends!” My dad said while holding back his fits of laughter.