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About the Loud House!

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If you’re like me, you probably love catching up with new shows… Well, there’s one that’s caught my eye: The Loud House on Nickelodeon. It’s an animated comedy about a boy named Lincoln with 10 sisters, named Lisa, Lana, Lola, Lily, Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lucy, and Lynn. He has a best friend, Clyde, who’s an only child with two dads, Howard & Harold. It’s basically all about Lincoln’s life with 10 sisters, and him being the only boy in the house, apart from his dad.

Here are each about the characters:

Lincoln is an 11 year old boy who lives in a house with 10 sisters. He is very fun-loving, kind, and smart; yet he makes common mistakes every kid makes. He commonly talks to the audience of the show, telling about his life with 10 sisters. He is very cute, as well, and is very sensitive, too.

Lisa is Lincoln’s 4 year old younger sister, who’s an extraordinary genius. She is my favorite Loud sister, and she knows a lot about science. Me & her have a lot in common, being we both love science, are very intelligent, and we have a similar sense of style. She is pretty, and knows a lot about everything. She likes to do experiments in her room, which she shares with baby Lily. She is very talented and can do anything, plus solve her siblings’ problems.

Lana is Lincoln’s 6 year old younger sister, who’s a major tomboy. She has a twin, Lola, who she’s always seen with. She likes getting down and dirty in the mud, and loves reptiles. She is unafraid of getting dirty, and isn’t scared easily. She’s very fearless and loves to get dirty.

Lola is Lincoln’s 6 year old younger sister, who’s very girly, contradicting Lana’s tomboyish habits. She is Lana’s twin who is very girly, sassy, and pretty. She loves beauty pageants, make-up, jewelry, and fashion. She hates getting dirty, breaking a nail, and other superficially feared things.

Lily is Lincoln’s baby sister, who’s very cute and playful. She is the youngest Loud at only about 1-2 years old. She often poops in her diaper, which all the older Loud siblings find is gross. In an alternate, age-swapped universe, Lily would be very motherly and mature. She is very cute and looks very happy all the time.

Lori is Lincoln’s 17 year old older sister, who’s very bossy and demanding. She is very absorbed in texting her boyfriend, Bobby, who she frequently calls “Bobby Boo-Boo Bear.” She is very into fashion, shopping, and the mall, much like her younger by 1 year sister, Leni. She is pretty smart and can do many things. In an alternate, age-swapped universe, Lori would be the baby and behave most like regular Lily. She is very bossy and demanding, and is extremely unaware of Clyde’s crush on her, though she frequently rejects his offers.

Leni is Lincoln’s 16 year old older sister, who’s very ditzy, gullible, and naive. She loves shopping, the mall, and fashion, almost to a point of obsession. She is pretty vain and superficial. She doesn’t really know a whole lot about things, and is pretty clueless. She is very trendy, pretty, and cool and likes to design clothes.

Luna is Lincoln’s 15 year old older sister, who loves rock music. She is a very good singer and wants to be part of a rock band. She always carries around her purple guitar and plays it very loudly. She is very fun-loving and loves music. She has a rocker style and attitude.

Luan is Lincoln’s 14 year old older sister, who is very funny. She is a wannabe comedian who loves telling jokes and pranks. She is a major practical joker, especially on April Fool’s day, which is her favorite holiday. She is very funny and can turn anything into a joke. She isn’t too serious on many things, and would always make a hilarious pun, even when unnecessary.

Lucy is Lincoln’s 8 year old younger sister, who is very Gothic. She frequently sighs a lot and pops up in random places. She is very into fortune telling, vampires, and other supernatural, paranormal things. She is very calm and mellow and doesn’t really talk much. She usually can be seen in all black and a dour look on her face.

Lynn is Lincoln’s 13 year old older sister, who is very sporty. She is very athletic and loves every kind of sport. She can be slightly aggressive and competitive when playing sports and is extremely playful. She is super energetic and is very fast. She loves playing sports and perfecting her playing skills. She is very fearless, too, since she can play literally any kind of sport.

Clyde is Lincoln’s best friend, who’s an only child. He has two dads, Howard & Harold. He has a huge crush on Lori, so much he can’t even say her name without passing out. He is very awkward and slightly nerdy. He has many things in common with Lincoln, and they enjoy spending time together. He is very fearful of many things, as well.

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    I love the Loud House!

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