Miss O & Friends® is a life-style socialization brand for tween and teen girls (ages 8-16), which aims to help young girls build self-esteem.

create-girls2The tween years are a crucial age for girls because a lot of what happens during this time sets the stage for the rest of a girls’ life. Girls go through a lot during these years; boys start come into the picture, their bodies are changing, cliques begin to form, bullying increases, school becomes more serious, and girls struggle with self-esteem and the pressure to fit in.

With Miss O & Friends, we want to create a safe environment where girls can just be themselves. By providing 100% COPPA compliant safe socialization, the Miss O users have built a community of girls who offer advice and support to one another while also having fun and talking about everything in the “girl world.”

To help build self-esteem, we create programs that allow girls to express themselves in a variety of different outlets. Whether it’s getting their own original stories published and sold, entering into a fashion design contest, or contributing content as a Miss O intern, we get girls involved as much as possible. The site also includes games, quizzes, articles, music, prizes, contests and so much more! Most of the content on Miss O & Friends is user generated, which creates an authentic and genuine space “by girls, for girls.”

Miss O & Friends® is about real girls growing up.These girls are hip, yet wholesome, with a positive sense of self. Their stories are authentic and inspirational.  Although diverse, they share common enthusiasm for the internet, mobility, social media, texting and emailing – many of the primary tools for how young girls gather and communicate today. The Miss O & Friends® website, TV show, Hyperlinked on YouTube Red, Girl2Girl Wall App, books and articles, as well as branded offerings, convey who the girls are and what they stand for, reflecting their sense of confidence, the truths and the wholesome values of these real girls.

The Miss O & Friends® girls are real…conceived of, evolved with, and managed by girls, to provide a positive “voice of authenticity” and help build a sense of confidence for young girls growing up. What started as something to do with friends has organically grown into the characters and their world setting out to help girls.

The goals of Miss O & Friends® include:

Confidence Building

  • Helps girls build a sense of self/sense of confidence
  • Helps establish the platform from which girls better able to negotiate challenges of growing up
  • Better sense of self, less likely to fall prey to the negative pressures of fitting in/being popular

Self Esteem and Personal Best

  • Girls with self esteem better enabled to establish healthy relationships with others
  • Participate in their lives, as well as the lives of others
  • Girls who strive for their personal best (school, sports, arts, other activities) not for perfection


  • Research shows being smart and good in school is more important to girls than being popular according to Dr. Marion Swanson, an elementary school psychologist.


  • Miss O & Friends is about helping girls around the world feel good about themselves and believe they can do anything they set their minds out to do.