A true story: Tantrum


When I was about 6, my mom brought me to go shopping with her. I sat in the cart because (unlike some kids) I was lazy and didn’t want to walk around the Store.

Anyway after my mom got all her shopping done she went up to the check out(I was still in the cart) and if you have ever been to Cosco you know that they take your cart for you and scan the stuff, well I forgot that they did that and (thanks to my mom for telling me that if a stranger ever touches me to scream my head off) when the lady pulled the cart up I didn’t know she was a worker so I screamed so loud it (I’m not even joking) almost shook the walls! That poor lady was crying because she felt so bad. Looking back at it now I feel really bad because she was crying really hard and kept on saying “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”