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L2M’s New Single “Overthinking” Just Dropped

Girl group, L2M, has been hard at work and just released their new single "Overthinking" just in time for the weekend dance party With a new look and new sound, girl group L2M, which consists of Mariangeli Collado, Jenna Raine Simmons, Tati McQuay and McKenzie Mack, released their latest single, "Overthinking." In collaboration with music producer, Dawin, it's the first full single to release from L2M since May and we are so excited!  Watch the BTS photo shoot video and be sure to download or stream "Overthinking" on any of the music services we below. 🎧 Spotify 🎧 iTunes 🎧 Google Play 🎧 Apple Music 🎧 Amazon Music 🎧 Deezer 🎧 Tidal   Some more OVERTHINKING vids!