7 Natural Hair Care Tips

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Here are 7 natural ways to keep your hair healthy. Read on:

  • Trim your hair when necessary: Trimming your hair well not technically help your hair grow but what it does is it keeps your hair more healthy as it grows.

  • Stop using conditioners and shampoos with sulphates: Sulphates can strip your hair of natural oils from your scalp and your hair, and if you have a sensitive scalp it can cause irritation, redness & itching.

  • Oil your scalp 4-5 times a week: It hydrates tour hair + it prevents dandruff. Using black castor oil has fatty acids that will improve blood circulation to the scalp encouraging hair growth.

  • Occasionally spray your hair with water: It will keep your hair moisturized and keep your hair from getting dry and breaking off.

  • Always treat your hair gently: Avoid being harsh when combing drying or styling your hair.

  • Get a satin scarf or bonnet or satin pillow case to bed: The materials in a cloth pillow case can be hard on your hair, while satin pillow cases and bonnets/ scarfs will be gentle.

  • Keep your hair in protective styles: Wearing protective styles can prevent hair from breaking off wearing one style for a while, you won’t have to comb it and risk breakage.