6 Hair Tools To Keep Your Head Sorted!

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  • Wide toothed comb: Using a wide toothed comb can help untangle your hair very easily, and it also prevents breakage.

  • Detangler brush: doesn’t rip your hair out as much as many brushes do.

  • Satin bonnet: bonnets helps keep your hair safe when you go to sleep and prevents breakage cause the silk is soft on your hair.

  • Spray bottle: having a spray bottle can help hydrate your hair and keep it moisturized, you can mix water and conditioner and other things to hydrate your hair.

  • Hair clips: can keep your hair up in certain places, and can be used as a cute decorating tool

  • Bobby pins: Bobby pins are a great accessory for your natural hair and can also control hair strands that won’t stay in place. When I say they can be an accessory, that means it can make a style pop or stand out more.