They have just unveiled their “Pantone Color of the Year” and they are calling it “Living Coral.”


Pantone and their color experts are always looking into the future for the next newest color. That’s what they do. Pantone is the color source for anything color that all industries follow.

Living Coral (Hex/HTML code: FA7268) embodies playfulness, energy, and a yearning to reconnect with nature.


“The overriding influence is the environment,” explains Laurie Pressman, vice president of Pantone’s color consulting unit, to Quartz. “Top of mind was the arresting beauty we see in nature and the importance of preserving the environment…Think of coral reefs, they provide shelter and sustenance to marine life and here we are watching them disappear.”


The Pantone Color of the Year is not a trend forecast. “It’s a reflection of what’s taking place. It’s a color snapshot symbolic of what’s taking place in the culture at a moment in time,” Pressman says. You might find these colors in fashion, gadgets, home interiors and branding.

Amid the doom-and-gloom tenor of world politics and corruption in the technology sector, people are turning to color to lift their moods, she explains. Pressman would like you to know—she’s a product development and merchandising veteran who advises brands about color trends at the Pantone Color Institute. ”We’re looking for colors that embrace us with warmth and reassurance in our continually shifting environment,” she says.

Writing Credits: Anne Quito

Photo Credits: Pantone