She likes her products like she likes her people…non-toxic

GAB Cosmetics is a tween/teen cosmetic company made with organic ingredients. It was started by Grace Bennett when she was just 12-years-old when she wanted to buy makeup with neutral colors, but couldn’t find any geared towards girls her age. Not only were the products not for teens, many also contained chemicals not suited for sensitive skin.

 So, she did what any logical 12-year-old girl would do and created her own. She played around for a bit with different formulas and before she knew she had lip glosses, eye shadows and bronzers – made by her own two hands.

 Now she has a thriving beauty business and it wouldn’t surprise us if we started to see more of her products pop up in stores.

 Want to hear more about how Grace started her business and became a successful CEO? Check it out below!



1. What is your most used emoji?

Pink beating heart

2. What is your favorite subject in school?


3. What’s something about you that might surprise people?

If people don’t know me, they are shocked when they learn I started my business when I was only 12 years old and I used the money from my savings account to get started.

4. How could someone win a gold star with you?

Someone can win a gold star with me by being kind to other people.

5. What’s a movie you can pretty much quote start to finish?

All of the Pitch Perfect movies

6. Take us through the moment you decided to create GAB?

I wanted to get some basic makeup (powder, gloss, blush) and when I went to purchase it, there wasn’t any that seemed age appropriate. The packaging was either too mature or there was play makeup for little kids and all of those have harsh chemicals. I didn’t see a market for girls my age who just want something age appropriate without the chemicals. I just started making makeup for myself, but then when my friends saw it, they wanted some and then everything just took off from there!


7. Why is it important for you to sell organic makeup?

I also have sensitive skin, so it’s important for me to keep the products organic based.

8. What’s the inspiration behind the name “Girls Are Beautiful?”

I came up with GAB because those are my initials. Then I wanted it to stand for something more meaningful, so I thought of Girls Are Beautiful.


9. We noticed you have some pretty cute names for your products like “muddy cleats” and “outfield shimmer.” How did you come up with these names?

I wanted every girl to feel beautiful and included in her own way. Athletes, studious, shy, outgoing. I just want all girls to feel confident in what she wants/likes to wear.

10. Do you have any plans to expand your store (maybe a FULL pallet? Or a lipstick collection?)

I actually do have many plans. I have several colored lip balms now (Sweet Sixteen is my favorite). As for the pallets, I’ve been working on that for about 6 months. I’m perfecting the formula to keep the powders pressed and organic based. 


11. What advice do you have for other Miss O users who may want to start their own business?

Don’t give up. I’m still learning every day what it takes to own my own business. 

12. What do you like most about the Girl2Girl Wall?

I like Girl2Girl Wall because girls can talk without feeling judged and they can just be themselves. 

13. Where can we follow you?
Instagram: gab_girlsarebeautiful
Twitter: GABCosmetics
Facebook: GABCosmetics