Dress like your fave soulsie squad with Halloween inspired costumes from YouTube Red’s ‘Hyperlinked’ show!

Still trying to figure out what to be for Halloween? We’ve got you covered with these 12 costumes inspired from Hyperlinked! 

1. Animals Onesies 

Perfect for a solo outfit, or serious squad goals! Our faves are lizard, giraffe, elephant, panda and leopard, but there are so many onesies out there you can’t go wrong!



2. Neon

A great way to get creative and look totally bomb. All you need is black pants and tank top and then neon body paint. Glow in the dark kitty ears are also highly suggested! 



3. A scientist 

Smart is definitely the new cool and if you love STEM as much as us, this is the perfect costume for you! Googles, gloves, and a white jacket is all you need. 



4. Pops of Colors

“Promises” is one of our fave music videos from Hyperlinked and this is a dope squad outfit. Pick your fave color and find clothing and accessories to match it. You can even spray paint your hair with washout paint. Oh and don’t forget to paint your nails too!


Youtube red Originals


5. A Boy 

Pull your hair back in a tight bun or pony tail and throw on a hat! It’s always fun to wear something you typically don’t… like a blazer and tie! Plus you can talk in a deep voice and burp all night.  



6. Snow Cute

Okay so it might not be winter yet, but it’s Halloween so you can wear whatever you want! Dress up like a cute snow angle by finding sparkly and fluffy clothes. Body & hair glitter encouraged!



7. Softball Player

If you’re already on a team, then this one is especially easy for you! Otherwise, find a baseball T and write out a team name… we suggest The Robins! You can also put your name on the back of the T, or if you want to be Miss O, put her name! Don’t forget a hat and high socks too.



8. White Lies

Okay so we’re not encouraging you tell white lies, but you can dress like them! Find an all white outfit and either draw out or print out the MissOji’s from the lyrics. 



9. Soulsie Squad 

Find your fave dress, a pair of sneaks and a jean vest you can decorate. It’s a perfect group outfit and you can put on fun sayings and patches on your vests. 



10. Chattie Puppy

Because who doesn’t want to be a puppy…🐶



11. Blindfold Makeup Challenge

Halloween’s all about silly so it’s the perfect time to do the blindfolded makeup challenge with a souslie! You’ll need a blind fold and makeup…. and you’ll be guaranteed a ton of giggling! 



12. A Cosmetist!

That’s half scientist, half cosmetologist… with a little baker thrown in! Decorate a pair of science googles and find a funky apron!