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  • queenijustini replied to the topic Mom in the forum Give Advice 48 minutes ago

    You will get through this @RooftopGurl. Having a therapist is a step in the right direction. Having separation anxiety from your mom with her new job schedule may get better the more you get used to the new routine. Change is hard. That’s normal to feel that way. We are here for ya. The good news is it’s the holidays soon so you’ll all get some…[Read more]

  • kittycatz101 replied to the topic Crush problems in the forum Give Advice 53 minutes ago

    @hazel5 that’s the problem she does not like girls. and if this is just me being fond of someone than i have never ever been this fond of someone in my life. and we kinda are friends, well we are a team! so yeah we are friends, but I feel weird around her so it i super hard for me.

  • kittycatz101 replied to the topic Crush problems in the forum Give Advice 53 minutes ago

    @hazel5 and I pretty much know I like her. I can’t help the way I feel.

  • annaw25 replied to the topic I’m writing a story in the forum Writers 54 minutes ago

    Maybe she finds out that she has a long lost sister and they hang out together or have adventures or something 😉 is it a good idea👍

  • rooftopgurl replied to the topic What should I do? in the forum Bullying 2 hours, 2 minutes ago

    Gurl just ignore them. If they come up to u just say, “I’m sorry, I don’t remember me having a desire to speak with you. That being said, ba bye!” If it continues or gets worse tell an adult

  • rooftopgurl replied to the topic any advice? in the forum School 2 hours, 2 minutes ago

    Ok if the boys r doing that tell an adult immediately I am not joking next time it happens that is not okay. I bet u r an amazing person. I bet it’s so difficult but I can tell ur being brave and not complaining and saying wussy stuff like that. Talk to a counselor and branch out or tell ur parents. Don’t listen to the bullies. Everyone has a bul…[Read more]




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