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Have Writer’s block every time you want to write a Fiction book?

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Always thinking of the best ideas for a book… but then never getting to them or not finishing them?
Well I have a solution for one of them atleast, cause I’m always thinking of ideas but can’t finish them. So I thought I’d write down some of my ideas I’ve had recently, and maybe you can take them if you have Writers Block. Feel free to just take parts of the story ideas and change my not-so-good titles any way you want!

Note: If you take these ideas don’t forget to tell me when you write a story about it or based on it. You don’t have to give credit cause I’m allowing people to use them.

#1: Wrong Category
When 3 new kids come to Riffledor Middle School in the middle of NH, USA, they expect they’ll be the same type of kid they were before, John the jock, Rebecca the popular girl, Joeseph the nerd, and Samantha the loser, the one with no friends, the most unpopular. But even from the first day they find out this School isn’t anything like their old one, and when they do the same tricks they did last year, it places them in the wrong category. What are they gonna do? (Queue for you to decide what happens next)

#2: (Coming Soon!)


  1. sunflowergal2 08/27/2016 at 2:58 pm

    This is an good idea! that way someone else can finish a story!

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