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I made section leader for 8th grade band and I’ll also be 1st Trombone!

Meet Girl of the Moment Winner: @riahrocks1223


Name: Mariah

Age: 13

Interview with @riahrocks1223

1. How long have you been playing the Trombone?

I have been playing the trombone for 3 years, since the 6th grade.
2. Do you play any other musical instruments?

I can also play the Baritone, keyboard, drums and flute.
3. What is your favourite type of music to play?

I am in concert band, wind ensemble and jazz band. My favorite music to play is Jazz.
4. How often do you practice?

I practice at least an hour everyday because it helps me be better and I have won awards.
5. Have you ever thought about playing music professionally?

I have thought about playing music professionally. My dream is to attend Julliard school of the arts In NY for college.

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  1. caraboo11 07/24/2016 at 2:13 pm

    That’s really cool! Congrats @riahrocks1223

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