So over the weekends, I am planning to write a story of my own. I’ll be submitting few chapters every week. I’ll try to keep it a bit to the point, but full of suspense. It’s a fictional story.

Chapter One: Back to Schoolrestart-ch-1

After I came back from abroad, I was asked to rejoin the same school that I left a year ago. I was okay with it, and preferred it over taking admission into a new school and making new friends.

It was my first day back to my old school and well I somehow felt alienated as people considered me to be really cool as I came from “UK”. It was normal for me and I did not understand what all the hype was about. The worst part was that I was separated from my old group and was kept in a class where there were ‘cool and popular’ boys and a few other girls. The ‘cool and popular’ girls were part of the class next to mine and I had zero intentions in making either of the cool people my friends. I was a simple girl, after all.

People knew me as ‘the girl from UK’ instead of calling me by my name. I was liking the popularity to be honest but my old group wasn’t and same was the case with my best friend. She thought I would become snobbish like the other girls and eventually she will have to find a new best friend. I assured to her that wouldn’t happen but deep down, I was scared. Yes, I was.



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