Chapter Two: Going Rough


The year went really smoothly. I handled my friends as separate groups. I became popular, made popular friends and so on. Now, just like me, there was a boy Justin, who was friends with the popular boys but was not ‘part’ of their group. It was three months before the academic year was ending and I was made to sit next to Justin. We exchanged jokes and laughed and studied together. It kept on repeating for a few weeks and I felt attracted towards him but I did not know how he felt about me and whether it was right to feel that way or not. The popular boys then started teasing him with my name and  my hopes got a bit higher however he did not yet admit if he liked me. I was loving the friendship anyway, so I went with the flow.

The year ended and vacations were about to start. We started chatting on social media and later exchanged numbers to then talk through text messages. We talked all day all night and became the best of friends although we were too shy to meet each other over the vacations.

It was by the start of July, which was technically eight months after our friendship when we realized that we were more than friends. And being in grade ten and still immature, I started dreaming of him as my partner. So we started dating and over the vacations, Justin went to Illinois and we used to talk on the phone the whole day and exchange our stories. It was special and I had already fallen for him and was really possessive already.

Well, in August when school reopened, to my surprise and shock, I got to know that we are not in the same class anymore, so I wrote a letter to the administration office and got my class switched on the very first day. Although we were very much in love, we were too shy to talk to each other in school and neither had we disclosed that we were in a relationship. We pretended to be normal friends as I was not ready to answer everyone’s questions and I did not want anyone to invade our privacy either.

On the eighth of August during our sports period, I finally approached him while he was sitting alone and we sat together for 45 mins without any disturbance. I used to come home to his messages every day and he made me feel so special. Everything was perfect.  

(To be continued…)   

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