Paint Your Nails Perfectly!

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Paint Your Nails Perfectly!

1. Make sure you have no past polish on. If you like you can put a base coat on, but if not move right on to step 2.

2. To paint your nails start with one stroke upwards through the middle of your nail. Then another stroke upwards on each side. Keep going till you get to the end of your nail on either side.

3. Some people say that moving around and getting air flow to your nails helps them dry faster. Really all it does is spread or mush the nail polish. To prevent that, stay where you are. Don’t move your hands or feet around a lot. It’s best not to paint your nails in a hurry, because chances are they’ll get smudged.

4. When your nails are completely dry (and only then) you can remove any excess polish from the skin around your nails. Carefully dip a q-tip in nail polish remover (ask a parents permission first). Wipe the polish of your skin carefully. Don’t scrub it hard, just wipe. It will come off easy enough. throw away the q-tip when you are done.

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