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Hannah Montana: The Movie
Behind the scenes of Hannah Montana: The Movie
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Step behind the camera as we bring you the low-down on Hannah Montana The Movie. We’ve got a backstage pass to the making of the fab film – and you’re invited!

What’s Hannah Montana The Movie all about? “Well, my character has always had the best of both worlds – but she’ll have to choose just one in the movie,” explains Miley Cyrus. “She’s lost herself and her dad decides the best thing to do is to take her home to Tennessee. She’s taken back to the real world where she’s brought back to reality. She has to go out and get dirty, as well as ride the horse she grew up with!”

“I bought some cool ideas to the movie,” admits Miley. “There’s something we call a ‘Hannah box’ in the film, which is Hannah’s make-up box. She travels around with it and it was me who came up with ideas for the fun things to put inside. I said that it shouldn’t look like a normal make-up box because Hannah has a different vibe. I think it came out really cool!”

Jason Earles – who plays Miley’s brother Jackson in Hannah Montana – performed all of his own stunts in the movie. “I didn’t have a stunt double,” the brave star reveals. “I did everything myself. When you see Jackson falling off the ladder, that was me harnessed up!”

Miley gets to kiss a cute country boy called Travis in the movie – but the Disney star wasn’t nervous about the smooch scenes at all. “I wasn't worried about my first movie kiss,” reveals Miley. “I don't know… Maybe it's because he’s so cute?!”

It took three weeks for Lucas Till to learn to ride a horse for the film. “I hadn’t ridden a horse before I worked on this movie,” chuckles Lucas. “My dad did rodeo for the University Of Georgia and always had horse stories, but I hadn’t even been on a horse before. Thankfully, it felt natural to me – and it was a lot of fun.”

“I shot a lot of scenes that didn’t make it into the movie, but I’m glad they made it onto the DVD,” reveals Jason Earles. “There were a few extra scenes with the animals and some other scenes with Cousin Derek – and I they’re really funny. Check them out!”

What else does the DVD have to offer? “Well, there are bloopers and behind-the-scenes videos, as well as deleted scenes,” explains the movie’s director, Peter Chelsom. “One deleted scene sees the British reporter walking into his motel room to find an ostrich by his bed and an alligator in his shower!”

It took 11 weeks to shoot the movie. The cast and crew spent eight and a half weeks filming in Nashville, close to where Miley Cyrus actually grew up. The rest of the film shoot was spent on location in California at landmarks including Santa Monica Pier and Rodeo Drive.

The waterfall scene was tough on the actors in the movie. “It was freezing,” giggles Miley. “It was a big challenge because we had to rock climb up to the top of this cliff and then jump into the water from up high. Thankfully there were heaters nearby because the water was so cold. It was icy!”

“None of the outfits Hannah wears in the movie were brought in stores,” reveals the movie’s costume designer, Christopher Lawrence. “They were all designed and made by the costume department. We even hand-glued crystals to her sneakers for one scene. It took 13 hours per shoe!”

It cost $70,000 to build the revolving doors seen in the movie. “The building where we were shooting didn’t have revolving doors, but I thought they would work really well in the film,” explains director, Peter Chelsom. “That’s why I decided to build them from scratch!”

Emily Osment spent four hours getting her feet massaged for one of the scenes in the movie. “It was great,” chuckles Emily. “They didn’t need me in the shot because it was only my feet – but I kept saying, ‘No, I’ll do it. It’s okay.’ I really enjoyed sitting in bed getting my feet rubbed!”

“It was so much fun to shoot the shoe scene with Tyra Banks,” reveals Miley. “But the problem with that scene is the way that the shoes aren’t really very cute. I would never fight over those shoes in real life!”

It took two days to film the exploding cake scene in the movie! “I was covered in cream and sponge for hours,” giggles Moises Arias.

It took the prop team three weeks to create the pumpkin head for the scene where Jackson falls into the pumpkin patch!

In celebration of the release of HANNAH MONTANA: The Movie, we present you with Behind the Magic, an all-access backstage pass to the making of the film! Jason Earles did his own stunts? Lucas Till had never ridden a horse before?? None of Hannah’s outfits were store-bought?!?

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