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where shall we go today?


Sick of searching for things to do? Search no more! 4FTFF is your new go-to place for everything worthy of your valuable weekend moments!

Cosmic Bowling
For an out of this world weekend, head to your Brunswick bowling alley for a couple hours of Cosmic Bowling. What is Cosmic Bowling? It’s a special time during the day where there are dancing lights, hot new music, glow-in-the-dark bowling lanes, pins and bowling balls. You can host a party, hangout with friends or do a lock-in—anything is more fun with the lights out! Log on to bowlbrunswick.com to find out more.

Build A Bear
Check out the newest friends for you to stuff and love at the Build-A-Bear Workshop! There is a Hannah Montana bear, which comes with an exclusive pendant necklace, a cute Pumpkin Fun Kitty just in time for Halloween, Tropical Hello Kitty and a High School Musical bear. You can dress them up, pick out a special name and bring home a new pal to share your bed. After you take your furry friend home, you can play online at buildabearville.com

A Young Fashionista
Kira Plastinina is living the dream and she’s only 16! She has to juggle homework, social life and her work, but it’s all worth it. She’s the owner of her own clothing label “Kira Plastinina” and her designs are world famous in magazines and with celebrities like Katherine McPhee and. She started off in her home country Russia and has opened two stores in the United States—one in New York and one outside of Washington, DC. Kira describes her clothes and accessories as girly, fun and things she would wear. Check out her style at kiraplastinina.com

Those Taco Bell commercials made these doggies famous, but now they’re taking over the movies. Beverly Hills Chihuahua tells the story of Mitzi, a pampered Beverly Hills Chihuahua who is used to riding in a purse and being served like a princess. While on her way to a spa vacation in Mexico with her owner, Mitzi gets lost and is forced to find her way back home. Being in a new place opens her eyes to her rich, spoiled life and teaches her to make some new friends and learn some life lessons.