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Author. Singer. Motivational Speaker. Even though she's only 15 years old, Kristina Coia already includes these titles on her resume!

If you've ever aspired to be a writer, this Marlton, New Jersey high school sophomore's real-life story should be just the inspiration you need to realize you CAN do it!

Kristina has always enjoyed reading and writing and by freshman year had penned Falcon's Prey!

The book is a thrilling fantasy novel, in which a princess embarks on a journey of self-discovery and love through a land filled with treachery and hate. It is designed for teen girls. The book teaches an underlying message of self-esteem and self-respect.

Thanks to Kristina, we have the following excerpt to whet your whistle for both the book and for following your dreams!

The following is an excerpt from Falcon's Prey.

Once upon a time there were two kingdoms separated only by a mysterious range of mountains. No one from either land dared to travel over these mountains or deep into the forests that led to them because of the myths and legends that whispered dangers down through the ages. The only safe course was a narrow passage between the mountains. The passage was easily accessible to each side and was frequently traveled. The first kingdom, Prantarr, was abundant with goods. Their people were strong and powerful and felt dominant over their neighboring land, Delmaa. This land was poor, with survival only made possible by their trade with Prantarr. Traded items between the two lands included fruits, vegetables, horses, cloth, and wood from Prantarr, while the Delmish exchanged only a few tawdry weapons and other metal tools. Prantarrians did not require any of what Delmaa had to give, for theirs was an abundant land. The people of Prantarr lived lavishly, were sometimes wasteful, and were unaware of any danger from Delmaa, as they thought the people there were weak and vulnerable. They had long since formed an alliance with Delmaa, which had continued for many years with peace throughout the lands.

This peaceful existence changed abruptly when months of unprecedented rainfall caused a landslide of mud and rock which soon closed off the only means of commerce between the two. Without their safe passage, who would dare venture over the mountains and face the unknown dangers to get to the other side?

The king of Prantarr knew very well how dependent the Delmish people were on his kingdom. He thought carefully about the state of Delmaa and knew its people would not survive for very long without the aid of Prantarr's resources. As king, this decision was difficult, but one he had to make. The king sent out a proclamation that no Prantarrian life would be jeopardized in an effort to venture over the mountains. The dangers were much too great. The king's decision distressed the people of Prantarr as well as himself, but he was sure in his command. Delmaa would now have to survive on its own, without the help of its long-time friend.

Knowing the strength and power of Prantarr, the Delmish people and their king waited anxiously for their neighbor to find a way to reach them. As time passed, their people began to starve. Even the strongest grew weaker and death came from both starvation and disease. Soon the hunger turned to anger and the anger to hatred against their neighbor. The Delmish knew the Prantarrians were aware of what they were going through. The demise of Delmaa was inevitable without their help, yet Prantarr chose to abandon Delmaa rather than aid them, and they soon realized that they were alone. The future now was in their own hands. Their king was tormented over how to help his people. After much consideration, he made his decision. He would form an army that would risk all to travel over the mountains to Prantarr and take from them what they chose not to share with the less fortunate. He assembled all Delmish men who were able to stand and hold a weapon. There were at least thirty thousand men and boys, some as young as thirteen years of age and others aged and close to the end of their lives. Hatred gave each of them renewed strength and courage. All would risk what life they had left and put their fears aside to get what was needed from Prantarr. The wrath of the Delmish people would soon be upon Prantarr. First, however, they had to survive the path leading them to their only hope for survival. Death would come by starvation, war, or of some unknown evil lurking in the mountains. The journey began.


Prantarr was bustling with activity the day the Delmish arrived. Many soldiers did not survive the dangerous expedition. The Delmish soldiers never again spoke of their journey once they reached Prantarr, for they now had one thing on their minds-revenge.

The weather that day was warm and sunny, crops were hearty and abundant in the fields, and children laughed and played in the streets. As the Delmish army approached, Prantarr seemed oblivious. The smell of food and the hope for life were now closer than they had been in months. The Delmish first assaulted a market on the outskirts of Prantarr. The clamor of the market rose unthreatened as the men moved toward it. The hope that they could save the lives of their families back home fueled even more hatred among the soldiers who were once traders and friends of this land. One by one, they attacked every Prantarrian they met. They overturned carts and thrust them aside, set homes ablaze, tortured merchants and peddlers, and destroyed entire towns as they marched through the kingdom. It seemed their hunger for vengeance was never satisfied as they rampaged, ransacked and pillaged town after town after town.

The king of Prantarr soon learned of the attacks and called for his army. Prantarrian soldiers set out to stop the carnage. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. The war, which began without a warning, now seemed endless.