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where shall we go today?

By: Natalie, 12, UK (aka mangolovesfish)

The day was Saturday. It was wet and rainy and my entire little town was asleep. Well, except me. This Saturday was special. It was the day of the S.A.V.E Summit. The S.A.V.E Summit was a HUGE Deal! Well let me tell you what it is.

The Summit is when the S.A.V.E (Students Against Violence Everywhere) Club Members host a day long workshop for students that will be in middle school next year. I’m in 6th grade so I went last year. It was a lot of fun and I hoped this Summit would be just as good!

All S.A.V.E members reported to the cafeteria of East Garner Magnet Middle School (EGMMS) at 7:00. We were all tired and sleepy but we had work to do. We collected supplies and put them in our workshops. Racheal, Jordi and I worked the registration table.

After all of the students were registered they went into the cafeteria. We told them what S.A.V.E was about briefly and basically tried to wake them up. After our morning assembly the kids went to their first workshop.

My first workshop was the S.A.V.E workshop where we briefly told the students the story of how S.A.V.E was started. We made key rings to show them they were the key to stopping violence. The kids enjoyed the workshop and they now knew why S.A.V.E was started so they wanted to join more.

We had four morning classes then lunch. We had pizza and got to talk to the kids. Our Co-Leader Ms. Perry talked to the students about a program the TV channel PAX was sponsoring called Speak Up. They started a hotline that people could call if they heard of a threat with a weapon.

After lunch we went to our afternoon workshops. I was in the Community Service group. We talked to the students about how to get community service hours. We made Happy Spring Cards for children in Hospitals or that were just sad. The students seemed to have a lot of fun.

Lastly we had our afternoon assembly. The students filled out surveys then went home. The S.A.V.E members stayed after and helped clean up. The students learned a lot from the summit and I hope it helps them. Maybe we’ll have an even bigger S.A.V.E club next year!

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