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where shall we go today?
By: bailey, 10 (aka baileybutt)

Most have you have probably seen the commercials for Royal Caribbean Cruises. Turns out I've been on 3 going on 4 this summer! The Navigator of the Seas was a tad bit smaller than the rest. The Mariner of the Seas was just a tad bit bigger. In 2006 it was the biggest ship in the water - the Freedom of the Seas. There is something to do there for everybody.

But we'll start out with the basics: don't be surprised when your cabin (room) is small. You hardly ever spend time in it anyways. You may be just a little surprised when you go in the bathroom because it's like a toothpaste tube! Your luggage is sent to you so make sure you pack a to-go bag and make sure you have a bathing suit sunscreen goggles etc. in it, so you can swim when nobody else is. The newer ships are fresh water. Older ones are salt. Make sure you stop by the kids club for your age group they do many fun things such as fun games like ga ga ball and crazy tag.

For dining you pick your time. They assign you a table. You get to pick if you would like to sit by your family members only or if you'd like to sit with other passengers. Some ships have 4 ports and some only have 3. Plan ahead what you're going to do there. Go online to Royal Caribbean to book those plans.

In your spare time I recommend SHOPPING!! There is duty free (no tax) shopping onboard. There is a Ben and Jerry's and free ice cream on the pool deck. There is a windjammer cafe along with many other restaurants.

There is a water park. And yes tell your mom there is a spa. And tell them if they want to get more in shape they can go to the ship shape work out center. There is also mini golf and roller skating. But if you go on freedom of the seas or any new new NEW shops you can surf! On the flo rider you can surf the waves or boogie board it is very fun! You can also go ice skating!!! There are many shows

I recommend the farewell show and any other kids welcome comedy shows! There are also ice shows, musicals, a talent show for kids, magic shows and more!!

I highly recommend going on a cruise, especially Royal Caribbean!

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