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where shall we go today?

By: Jade, 12, (aka jade_nicole)

Israel is an amazing place for vacation. There are so many things to do like going to the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, and the Dead Sea. When you go to the Dead Sea you get to cover yourself in mud, you can also go into the sulfur pool which helps your muscles (but smells), or you can go into the swimming pool...but the best part about the Dead Sea is when you go into the Sea you float! The water is so salty there arenít any living creatures and the salt is so powerful that it is hard to stand up! You can also go on an archeological dig (I found pottery and bones)! Some other things you can do are go to Masada, shop in many malls or on Ben Yehuda Street, go to see the borders with Egypt, Lebanon, or even Syria. You can also go to the Carmel Market or Shook which is like a huge outdoor flea market. You can also see many ancient ruins and beautiful views like the BaHai Gardens. The Underwater Observatory is a very interesting place and has a lot of fish...or maybe you would like to go into one of the many museums or the Sculpture Gardens. Another thing you can do in Israel is to go to grave sites of very important people like Theodore Herzl, Golda Mier, David Ben Gurion, and many more. Israel has lots of good food like falafal, shwarma, halavah, and so much more. You may also want to check out the quarters (Jewish, Arab, Armenian, or Christian). If you choose to visit Israel you will be able to see many soldiers walking around, because when your 18 you have to go into the Israeli Army. There is so much to do and see in Israel I could go on and on, and I could visit Israel for many weeks and still not see everything Israel has to offer. Itís hard to believe that Israel is only 58 years old!

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