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where shall we go today?

By: Rosie, 12, CT (aka lilrosiechick7)

Everybody, Boston is the ideal place to go for entertainment and historical fun. If you’re going to Boston try going to Quincy Market. It’s a must-go if you’re in Boston. There is a whole building FULL of restaurants and cafés there. There are hundreds of food items to choose from! Then go shopping in some of the carts outside Quincy Market. Things there are usually cheaper than if you get them in a store. Then go to a stand called Boston’s Duck Tours. These are awesome tours that go to places in Boston both on land AND water. This vehicle is like a car at first then it turns into a boat to go in the Boston Harbor. It’s really fun and the drivers have cute names and spunky attitudes. Then you can go to see the Blue Man Show at Charles Playhouse. Remember those blue guys from the computer ads on TV? Well they have their own show in Boston, Las Vegas, and New York. The Blue Man Show is laugh out loud funny and creative. From strobe lights to toilet paper this show has anything and everything you can imagine. Then have dinner at one of the restaurants near the show. Have a great time in Boston, Massachusetts!

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