Are You a Leader or a Follower?

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Is "follow the leader" your motto? Or are you more the "my way or the highway" type?

  1. Imagine that you head to the ladies' room before class and two buds whip out felt-tips and start scrawling their crushes' names on the walls, you:

  2. A gorgeous guy with a majorly bad reputation asks you out. You:

  3. It's time for student government elections. As someone who's interested in politics, you run for office:

  4. All your friends are growing out their short-cropped hair to get the current gypsy look. You:

  5. Everyone who's anyone at school worships heavy duty rap music. You:

  6. A good friend from your neighborhood has put on more than a few pounds, and she bears the brunt of the class's jokes. You:

  7. When a heated discussion arises about an issue, you:

  8. You and a friend are trying to pick a flick. As she rattles off movie titles, you:

  9. You've never spoken to the girl your cousin says stole her boyfriend. When you see her at the mall, you:

  10. There's a major bash this weekend, and you really want to look special, so you:

Comment and tell us are you a follower or a leader!

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