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Help a Furry Friend
By: Katie, 11 (aka coolio107)
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By: Katie, 11 (aka coolio107)

Would you like to adopt a friend from a rescuing center? If you do, this article will help. If you want to, but, your parents arenít all for it, this article will help YOU too.

We all have these dreams as a small girl, getting a dog, and living happily ever after. For some people, this is possible, for others itís not. If itís possible for you to get a dog you may want to check out the different breeds they have first. There are dogs that will grow to be 100 pounds, others only 10 pounds. Littler dogs often are more snuggly, but, can be a little skittish or nervous sometimes! I mean, if you were that small, I bet you would be scared too!! Big breeds are great (I have a 105 pound dog so I know a lot) Big dogs are playful and the perfect big snuggler at night, but, if not treated correctly, can get aggressive or rough with people, a little training may help this. Sometimes, for younger kids big dogs might be too hard for them to handle, so, I would not recommend that.

However, if it ends up your family canít handle a dog, big or small, you may want something else. Although dogs are usually the main pet, there are plenty of adoptable pets, who are small and easy to care for! For example.....hamsters, chinchillas, birds, cats, fish, turtles, lizards, and maybe even a hermit crab. All of these animals can be adopted form a local shelter! Before buying animals you should do a few days of research to find out about animals and pick the one that best meets your lifestyle! Donít buy from pet stores, you really donít know how old, what gender, or even if the animal is sick! Fish are acceptable to buy from pet stores, if you were wondering. Fish are the only pets that will most likely be healthy from a pet store. Just make sure the tank is clean and there are no other dead fish around! Ick!

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