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Girls articles about giving back to pets who give us so much!
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Cute and cuddly or strange and scrappy…you girls just pour your hearts out to help animals in need. Read on to see how these Miss O Club members volunteered to help animals in their area.

Best Job Ever!
By: Tiffany, 12, AL (aka pokadot2012)

The best job ever is my job, working at the animal shelter. The dogs are sooo cute and the cats, adorable! They need a home. Unfortunately my mom wont let me take one home (we have too many already). I think everyone and everything should have a warm and comforting home! Let me tell you about my job…I walk the dogs and clean their cages. With the cats I groom and feed them. I’ve made a couple of "friends." Like Bear a beautiful dog, or Josh an adorable kitten! They’re soooo cute!!! Working there has kind of given me a new look on life! To always treat everyone (and everything) – cute or ugly, old or young – with respect and kindness. So go visit your local animal shelter and apply or volunteer for a job or adopt the perfect pet for you!

Beagle Rescue
By: Amber, 15, CA (aka imablond393)

Hello, my name is Amber and I am in a Girl Scout troop. We were trying to earn our bronze award for our last year of juniors. We decided to do a pet rescue for a badge. In order to do this, we had to pick a dog to sponsor. The leader’s daughters went online to beaglesandbuddies.com and picked out 10 dogs. At our meeting we voted on which one we were going to sponsor. It all came down to Jez, and old dog with a tumor in his throat the size of a softball. This was very sad but we all agreed helping Jez was the best decision for he only had a few more months till he would pass away. As you can see even a small voice can make a huge difference. We as a Girl Scout troop we did not only do this for a bronze award, but to help others and make a difference. Even as little as cleaning a park or even helping someone with a chore, you will make a difference and that is what is really important. Thank you for reading.

Foster Parents…of an animal!!!
By: Kathryn, 11, MD (aka klizk95)

Animals are very wonderful! Have you ever thought what you would be without your precious pooch or your cutie cat? Some animals don’t have a wonderful home like yours does. That’s why it’s a good idea to foster a pet! No obligation to the pet but still all of the love! You take the pet in care for it and then you can help find a good home for it, or keep adopt it yourself! So many animals would have the opportunity to have a loving owner! So talk to your local shelter to see if you can foster a pet! If you find that you don’t have room for an animal, why not help out the shelter! For middle-schoolers, it would fill your community service hours!

Everyone Matters
By: Marissa, 15, CA (aka Marissabs)

Hi, I’m Hannah. I care for everyone and everything. I believe one CAN make a difference. E Pluribus Unum, out of many one.

"Hey Anne, let’s go volunteer to help the animals at the shelter," I yelled excitedly to my best friend. "That’s a great idea! Maybe we can stop at a market and buy toys for the animals. They like playing around just like we do, plus those animals are just as important as anyone else. They need help," Anne said. "Awwwwww, what cute little dogs," we said in unison. Anne and I had just gotten back from the store. We got little squeaky toys, dog bones, ropes, and little bird cages.

The feeling you get when you do something great is amazing. You feel you’ve accomplished something great to help someone in need. Keep in mind, one day you will be rewarded!

Pet Refuge-Flowerpot Friends
By: mandy, 10, IN (aka MissMandy)

Hi, my name is Amanda, and I am 10 years old. I recently have made tons of cute Flowerpot Friends. They are butterflies and dragonflies made from beads and popsicle sticks. You can stick them into the dirt of a flowerpot. I plan to sell these around my neighborhood for 50 cents each. All of the money will go to the Pet Refuge in my community. It should help them to buy dog and cat supplies; food, toys, blankets, brushes, etc. I would really love to make a difference in an animal’s life, for I know how I would feel without the things that I need to survive. Animals mean the world to me, and so does making a difference.

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