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Give Thanks
By: Juliette
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During Thanksgiving, everyone sits around the table and gives thanks for everything they have, the good health and the great opportunities. It's a time to realize how lucky you and the people around you are. However, there are many people whose Thanksgiving won't leave their stomachs stuffed with turkey and mashed potatoes.

This Thanksgiving, try and give back to your community and help people who don't have as much to be thankful for. There are so many different ways that you can make a difference in peoples' lives…

  • Contact a local homeless shelter and ask if you can help to cook a Thanksgiving dinner for these people. It could be as easy as bringing in paper plates or you could even help your mom or dad make a huge turkey for them all.

  • Get involved through your church, synagogue, temple, etc. These types of places always have all sorts of programs to help to give food out during this holiday. Volunteer and take part of this process.

  • Do something with your school. You could organize a food drive and ask for non-perishable items such as those in cans or boxes. Put up flyers all around the school and ask the principal to make an announcement letting everyone know what is going on. There are many places where you could take the food, such as homeless shelters or other places where people are in need.

    It's not only men and women who are not getting the food they need. Think about the kids too, just like you! You could take food to a "Kids in Crisis" center or an orphanage. These kids have nothing and by helping someone out who is like you, you could make such a difference in your life and in theirs.

    Remember, Thanksgiving has two parts to it…. Thanks and Giving. So be thankful and give.

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    It feels great to give! If you volunteer helping others this Thanksgiving, we want to hear about it! Click the link below to tell us where you volunteered, how you helped and what you got out of the experience.

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