Amara and the Ultimate Greenie Experiment

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Amara and the Ultimate Greenie Experiment
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Part I

“Amara!” shouts her BF down the hallway. “Aren’t you coming to lunch??”

“Hey girl! I’ll meet you at the table in five.” Amara says back as she walks towards the vending machine.

Amara needs a Coke, she’s been thinking about that stupid soda can all morning! It’s like her one little indulgence. OK it’s not her only indulgence but she can’t get enough of the sugary sweet bubbles and the slight caffeine buzz that holds her over until 7th period….social studies.

She pops in her dollar bill, grabs the can and jets over towards her friends that are all crowded around their usual table gossiping and laughing loudly.

But today is different somehow, after Amara eats the sandwich her mom packed for her lunch and gulps down her coke, she doesn’t feel so great. Sure, the coke still tastes great but she doesn’t get that caffeine buzz and she feels a little tired. “What's going on with me?” She wonders as the grabs her books and heads off to her next class. Weird.

At home later Amara tells her good friend Kristy, about what happened today, about the Coke and how she felt a little ‘off’, tired, a kind of sluggish, she even got a little headache during Social Studies.

Kristy always had good ideas, she was a little bookworm and it didn’t surprise Amara at all that she had another idea… “Amara, how many cans of Coke would you say that you drink in one week?” Kristy asked.

“Hmmm, I dunno probably one every school day and at least one over the weekend, I guess about 6 per week” said Amara pensively.

“Well” said Kristy, the inquisitive thinker, “I think its time that you and I do a little Coke drinking experiment then.”

To be continued next week! Check out “Be a Greenie Weekly” next week to find out what happens to Amara and Kristy and how they turn into the ultimate Greenies!

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