6 New Years Resolutions to be a Better Greenie

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6 New Years Resolutions to be a Better Greenie
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Are you trying to be a better eco-friendly person? Here are seven ways to start the new year off great and become a better greenie!

  1. Save Energy and money
    By unplugging electronic equipment and turning off lights that are not being used, you help save TONS of energy and will help your parents save money on the electric bill. It’s an easy way to win in two ways!
  2. Get Rid of Junk
    We all have too much stuff in our rooms and house so why not go through it and figure out what you don’t need. Donate it or reuse it in another way. By reusing things it means less waste, litter, and pollution in the air and on Earth.
  3. Learn to Recycle something new.
    We all know the typical things to recycle such as paper and plastic but there are other things to recycle too. Recycling glass, picking up newspapers that are left outside, and recycling metals in the right way can make these things reusable and reduce waste.
  4. Get Involved at School.
    Start a recycling program at school if there is not one established already. Other programs you could start to help out the environment would be supporting animal shelters or having your parents take you to a program for greenies.
  5. Help pick up litter.
    On a day to day basis we all see trash in the streets and around our neighborhood. Take a couple days a month to go around with a trash bag and pick up waste in the street to reduce the litter. Even just doing it in your neighborhood helps a lot.
  6. Stick to it.
    The last and most important step is to make sure you STICK WITH IT. Whatever goal you set as your new years resolution, make sure you follow through with it. It will help in many different ways!

By making at least one of these things your “New Years Resolution” you will improve the environment in drastic ways! Thanks for helping!



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