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Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas interview on Miss O & Friends.
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With his silky smooth pop vocals, his boyish sense of humor and the hunky handsomeness of a Hollywood leading man, middle Jobro Joe Jonas has earned a solid place in the hearts of teen girls worldwide. The year 2009 has brought much drama to his already exciting life, in more ways than one! Take a minute to catch up on the life of one of pop’s hottest superstars, one whose life is never dull, trust me!

Joe Jonas

Full Name: Joseph Adam Jonas
Birthday: August 15th, 1989 (His parents’ anniversary!)
Height: 5’10
Birthplace: Casa Grande, Arizona
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Marshmallow
Favorite Website: www.YouTube.com
Fun Fact: Joe is a certified babysitter in New Jersey!

Growing Up
When you think of the Jonas family, you think of super successful pop stars living in the lap of luxury, but that is far from where they began. Joseph Adam Jonas came into the world August 15th, 1989 in Casa Grande, Arizona where the family had to live with grandparents to keep afloat during tough times. According to Joe’s mom Denise, “We had to live on food stamps. It was a humbling time. Now we look back on it as a turning point – something necessary for us to go through so we could properly appreciate where we would be later.”

The family moved to New Jersey when Joe’s dad was named senior pastor at a church in Wycoff. In school, Joe was quiet and shy, way different from the cool and confident lead singer you see onstage today! “It used to bother me that I was shy. I was always the one playing it safe, never coming out of my shell because I was scared. I've grown up. I'm outgoing, and I just like to have fun!” says Joe.

So what exactly brought Joe out of his shell? His brothers? A girl? Nope, it was singing! Joe originally dreamed of becoming a stand up comedian but after he tried singing, he was hooked for life. “I just wanted to make people laugh, and then I sang and I loved singing and it started from there.” says Joe of his career’s beginning.

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