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Jennette McCurdy
Jennette McCurdy interview on Miss O & Friends.
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INTERVIEW: Jennette McCurdy

Jennette McCurdy cracks you up as Carly Shay’s BFF Sam on the hit Nickelodean show ‘iCarly’. Did you know that besides being a successful actress, she is also a super talented country singer and her single, ‘So Close’, raced up to number 16 on the iTunes country chart?! There is so more to Jennette McCurdy than meets the ‘i’! Here’s the scoop on this multi-talented teen:

Jennette McCurdy

Birthday: June 26, 1992

Hometown: Garden Grove, California

Favorite Colors: Pink and Purple

Favorite Food: Her mom’s spaghetti and meat sauce

Favorite Dessert: Ice cream

Favorite Bands: Daughtry and Plain White T’s

Favorite Books: “Beowolf”, “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings”

Career Goal: To attend film school and become a director

A+ Actress
Jennette’s acting career started at age eight when she guest starred on ‘Mad TV’. “I met an actor who became my best friend. She and her mom directed me toward agents and so forth”, says Jennette of her start in the acting business.

Jennette’s acting talents and girl next door charm won her many roles. She has made guest appearances on hit TV shows including ‘CSI’, ‘Malcolm in the Middle’, ‘Lincoln Heights’, ‘Will & Grace’, ‘Zoey 101’ and ‘True Jackson, VP’. In 2003, she even got to act alongside her idol from ‘Star Wars’, Harrison Ford in a movie called ‘Hollywood Homicide’.

Her big break came in 2007 when she landed the role of Sam Puckett in the Nickelodean show ‘iCarly’. The show has been a hit with fans from the start!

How similar is Jennette to her show’s crazy character, Sam? “Me and Sam are similar in that were both a bit edgy and kinda wacky, but I’d say Sam is kinda me to the tenth level. For example, I wouldn’t go smashing boys into lockers or anything like that. And Sam hates school and I love it.”

Overcoming Hardships
Although Jennette may be living every girl’s dream right now as an actress and teen celebrity, her life was not always so wonderful.

When Jennette was very young, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. “The cancer had been misdiagnosed, so it was very severe once discovered”, says Jennette. Her mom had to undergo aggressive treatment that left her in the hospital for weeks at a time.

While their mom was gone, her older brothers tried to take Jennette’s mind off their troubles by playing games and watching movies with her. “One that we all watched over and over was ‘Star Wars’. We knew we needed the force”, Jennette says. In fact, it was ‘Star Wars’ that inspired Jennette to become an actress and it still ranks as one of her favorite movies of all time.

Happily, Jennette’s mom recovered from her cancer.

McCurdy’s Music
Jennette has always loved music from the time she was little. “I have been taking piano lessons since I was four”, she explains. She has a love for Country/Pop music and the strong vocals to take her music to the top of the charts. Her first album, featuring the singles ‘So Close’ and ‘Homeless Heart’, is due out June 2009.

The song,’Homeless Heart’, has a very personal meaning for Jennette. “It’s dedicated to my dear friend Cody Waters… in fact, 20% of the proceeds will be going to the Cody Waters Foundation, in honor and loving memory of little Cody, who I miss so, so much…”, says Jennette. Cody Waters was a friend of Jennette’s who recently passed away at nine years old from brain cancer.

So take the time to get to know Jennette McCurdy. You will see what a humble, inspirational and multi-talented girl lies behind the comical character of Sam on ‘iCarly’!

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