I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am Today Without Miss O & Friends

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Yes. You read that right. I’m writing this to thank Miss O & Friends for giving me amazing opportunities for the past three years. 

I joined Miss O and Friends back in November 2013. I have been working as an intern for Miss O and Friends since then. Back then, I was writing for three magazines (Teen Times, Smash! Magazine and Ink Magazine); I had just started writing professionally. Since then, I have written for 12 more publications. I’m a sophomore at college but I have enough skills and enough experience in my résumé that job hunting has never been difficult. 

I have been told that I have more experience than people twice my age. I have been confident enough to try my hand at everything and today, I thank Miss O and Friends for everything I have achieved. 


Because since I joined, I have tried everything from content writing to celebrity interviews, SEO to WordPress, Social Media Marketing to video and photo editing, and promotions of a sort. Founders Juliette and Hermine have always been kind enough to encourage me on every step and give me new tasks to enhance my skills. 

Before I bore you to death, I’d like to say if it weren’t for MO&F, I wouldn’t have been brave enough to apply for positions in firms I could only dream of working for and even get a job! This is for all new members who are wondering what exactly Miss O and Friends is, apart from being a safe website for girls, it’s a place full of opportunities. 

I was also a Girl of the Moment during archaic times!


To give you an idea of how exactly far I have come, check this out!

And this is me (now) looking like I have got it all together – but if you look closely you’ll see that my tower of books is about to crash.



Hope this sounds encouraging! 🙂


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    wow thanks a lot

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